Maxim The Robot
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See you soon in the Meca World !

In a brand new original 2D platformer, play Maxim, and prepare for a unique gaming experience !

Travel through the Meca World, enjoy a colorful universe, play loads of levels and defeat the nanos and traps to rescue the beautiful Mixam from Arthix.
Rich Gameplay : Run, jump, swim, walljump, ledgehang, jetpack, slide, swing, drive a wagon, and many other things !

Coming soon

Nintendo Switch

The Meca World is in danger.

Arthix, an evil robot, has created a giant quantic breach, inducing the invasion of thousands of “Nanodogs”, terribly dumb and dangerous creatures, that have come to bring chaos on “Mecaribbean Island”.

You play Maxim, a small robot, determined to save his loved one, the beatiful Mixam, from Arthix, his lifelong foe.

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Key features

Play over 70 levels
Smooth combination of 2d and 3d graphics
Unlock new characters with unique characteristics and use their special powers
Upgrade each of your characters and customize them
Be the fastest to win the gold medals !
Challenge your friends to race you and be number one on the leaderboards
Destroy all enemies, collect all Cogs and find the 3 secret X-Coins in every level
Grow your bestiary by defeating new enemies !


“FrozenBots” Team, filled with retro gaming fans, will release its first game on all mobile devices.


Incubated by the Computer Graphics, Art and Digital Technologies School 3Axes Institut.