Maxim The Robot

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The Mecaworld is in danger.

Arthix, an evil robot, has created a giant quantic breach, inducing the invasion of thousands of “Nanodogs”, terribly dumb and dangerous creatures, that have come to bring chaos on “Mecaribbean Island”.
You play Maxim, a small robot, determined to save his loved one, the beatiful Mixam, from Arthix, his lifelong foe.
In a whole new adventure, prepare to live a unique gaming experience. Travel through Mecaworld and visit many different places : Mecaribbean Islang, The Mecamazonian Forest, Mount Mecaverest, the WorkInProgress factory, NanoDrill’s Coal Mines...
Find all the hidden cogwheels to rebuild Mixam, unlock new characters, secret levels, and much more fun !

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“FrozenBots” Team, filled with retro gaming fans, will release its first game on all mobile devices.


Incubated by the Computer Graphics, Art and Digital Technologies School 3Axes Institut.