Year 2001
                    Hi-Light Wanshan factory in Huli District is officially put into 
                    operation and relocated to Huaxia Industry Centre in the end of year 
                    CFL passes UL Certificate for the first time 
                    The 1st time monthly production exceeds 1 million pieces in the end of year 


                    Year 2002 
                    Monthly production exceeds 2 million pieces 
                    The 1st time The self-developed innovative electronic ballast 
                    comes to stage and gains national patent
                    Passes ISO9001 Quality System Certificate
                    Able to undertake big orders when finishing quality system 
                    auditing through ITS required by big customer


                    Year 2003
                    Honored to be exclusive supplier of American mainstream 
                    supermarket when market flourishes 
                    Successfully promoting mainstream spiral products to American 
                    markets thanks to great efforts fromR&D department 
                    13W  900LM    PAR38 23W 1300LM    R30 15W 750 LM 
                    Annual turnover exceeds 100 million CNY 


                    Year 2004
                    Starts introducing ERP to enterprise management
                    New plant in Jinyuan, North Xinglin District foundation starts
                    The 1st time named the one of the top 100 Export Enterprises in 
                    Xiamen City Annual turnover exceeds 100 million CNY


                    Year 2005
                    Process reconstruction, preparing for new plant extension 
                    The 1st time awarded the Key Industrial Enterprises in Xiamen City


                    Year 2006
                    Successfully relocated to new plant in North Xinglin District
                    Successfully starts massive tube production in self-built Tube 
                    Workshop Starts running self-developed ERP
                    Enjoys opening ceremony of Yixing Kaishang Lighting Sources 
                    Company as one of its investors 
                    Successfully completes the purchase order of 25 millions from Cuba 
                    Government Production exceeds 10 million pieces for a single month
                    Annual turnover exceeds 100 million CNY

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